History's Bad Guys (and Gals)©

Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ. He nodded or otherwise gave the signal leading to Jesus arrest, trial, and crucifixion. And for that, Judas paid the ultimate price. He committed suicide by hanging himself. That he had no choice in what he did, and in what transpired after, did not matter. God, not Judas, was the author of the drama. In that sense, Judas was a victim. But his conscience led him to suicide, and for the 2,000 years since, history has seen him as a traitor whose first name alone lives as a symbol of deceit and betrayal.

For many Christians, Judas is the ultimate Jewish bad guy and a core reason for anti-Semitism. But he is not the only Jew to have done a nefarious deed. And this book would not do justice to the topic of Jewish achievement without discussing the other side of the coin. On occasion the remarkable achievements of Jews have been negative.

Marxism, Communism, and Stalin

Karl Marx remains a controversial political figure more than 120 years after his death. Considered a bad guy by many, others continue to see him as a genius and believe strongly in the notions he fathered. Marxist philosophy still draws millions of followers around the world and on college campuses. Though Marx was descended from long lines of rabbis on both sides of his family, his parents converted to become Lutherans. Marx, instead, chose to become atheist. He never considered himself a Jew, and he spoke of Jews in the third person. Nonetheless, his genetic origins were Jewish....

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